Arrivants: Kishan Munroe

Kishan Munroe - Drifter in Residence
Kishan Munroe – Drifter in Residence (2018)(Photograph courtesy of the Artist; all rights reserved)
Drifter in Residence (2018)
Live expedition and video installation

Kishan Munroe was born in Nassau, The Bahamas in 1980, and is based there. He is an interdisciplinary artist whose practice is fortified by a framework of extensive historical research. Employing a documentary practice, his work acts as a catalyst for the development of social consciousness of under-explored narratives from the African diaspora. Munroe engages in anthropological expeditions, investigating histories steeped in conflict, their socio-political contexts, and the interrogation of collective memory. He uses his findings to extend public discourse and advance scholarly understanding.

Kishan Munroe and his father working on the raft during the early stages of the construction using his late grandfather’s tools (photograph courtesy of the Artist; all rights reserved)

Munroe was educated at the Savannah College of Art and Design (BFA Painting and 3D Visual Effects, 2003, and MFA Painting, 2005). His major exhibitions include Relational Undercurrents (2017-2019), a survey of contemporary art from the Global Caribbean which is presently touring in the USA, and his solo exhibition Swan Song of the Flamingo (2013), National Art Gallery of the Bahamas. His awards include the Bridget Jones Award for Cultural Studies, UK, the Bahamian Icon Award for Fine Art (Bahamas), National Endowment for the Performing Arts (Bahamas), The Governor’s Choice Award (Bahamas), and the Combined Merit Fellowship at Savannah College of Art and Design.



Artist’s Statement

On a self-constructed raft, I set adrift, alone, into the throes of the Atlantic Ocean. There I will remain resident aboard my creation for several weeks, engaged in an unorthodox artist research residency.

This ‘introspective/retrospective’ pilgrimage marks a ten-year milestone in my professional artistic journey, actively engaged in extensive anthropological investigations through cultural immersion. With this phase of the project I literally plunge into the foreign world of the ocean, seeking to tap into the narratives, realities and histories of man’s precarious relationship with the sea and his never-ending quest for ‘home’.

Drifter In Residence, is a strategic development in the continuation of my flagship project The Universal Human Experience, a worldwide, multi-layered fact-finding mission examining the continuum of various plights, conflicts and resolutions that have shaped contemporary cultures, in order to identify common threads shared throughout humanity.


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